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    The home of great theatre...

    Welcome to our little, multi award winning gem of a theatre in the outskirts of Adelaide.



Holden Street Theatres will this year be presenting a high quality program of theatre for the Adelaide Feast Festival.

Feast celebrates all things #LGBTI Queer Arts and Cultural Festival and we are very excited to be a part of the 2018 program.

Click on the image above to go to the HSTFeast page.

Feast runs 10th – 25th November 2018



by Albert Camus

(translated by David Greig)

“Why should I aspire merely to be the equal of God?”

Nobel Prize winner, Albert Camus's internationally acclaimed drama creates a captivating theatrical balance between terror, intrigue, and dark comic moments.

This rip-roaring translation by Scottish playwright, David Greig played to rave reviews on London's West End.


May 24 – June 2



by William Shakespeare

“Like Two Spent Swimmers, that do Cling Together and Choke Their Art.”

In the Scotland of many Kings – a 9th Century land of Celts and Vikings - we find the Lord and Lady MacBeth as real people…good people, and a loving couple who make a mistake…a mistake that heralds their tormented downfall and brings an entire country down with them.

August 2018



by Matt Byrne Media

Set in California in the early 60's, we meet Benjamin Braddock has just finished college. Then he meets Mrs Robinson...

10 - 27 October 2018

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Car Park Issues 2018 - SOCCER GAMES DAYS ONLY


Our biggest thanks to Sally Arch and her team for their continued support in organising the car park at the Entertainment Centre so our patrons had somewhere to park. It would have been a really difficult year without your assistance.

Thanks and warm regards

Martha and the HST Team